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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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I just don't think someone who made such horrible Batman movies can ever do anything good.
But they were excellent Batman movies.

He failed at making Batman, completely. He not only got it wrong, he made Batman unrecongniseable.
Unrecognizable? Hardly. I've been reading Batman comics since the early 70s (and I've read numerous stories going back to the first appearance of Batman). In fact, I suspect I've read more Batman than you've had hot meals. And I had no trouble at all recognizing the character in Nolan's films.

All of the trailers and tV spots for MoS look horrible and, to me, reinforce by thoughts on the movie. I mean, come on, it has hobo Superman. Superman doesn't give up, he doesn't wonder the road with a beard (I'm assuming he's doing this just until he can find a cure for his gamma radiation poisoning ). Can't we just have superman have a good childhood (after arriving on earth obviously) with no parents telling him to let people drown, then have him move to Metropolis, become a hero, and fight a villain (perferably with only 5 or so minutes spent on Krypton and earth childhood combined, its a movie about the man of steel, not the planet that blew up or Clark trying to hide his powers as a kid)? It doesn't have to be all that similar to the Christopher Reeve superman, but it should have a less dark tone than a freaking Batman movie, especially Nolan's garbage.
If it only approximates the least of Nolan's moments in the Batman trilogy, it will be a great film. But that's only if the actual director is up to that task (since Nolan himself is not helming the picture). When I first learned that Zack Snyder was directing, I was unsure about the odds of my liking the film (I thought he did a good job with The Watchmen--among the best comic stories out there--but I wasn't enthused by 300). Learning of Nolan's involvement, though, made me far more confident that I would like Man of Steel. I am looking forward to this more than any other film this summer, save Star Trek into Darkness.

Of course, the above is only my opinion. You need not share it in any way (and clearly you wouldn't). I am not trying to persuade you to change your mind in any way. But I would advise, for your blood pressure, ignoring the upcoming Superman movie. If I had such a visceral disdain for the work of a particular filmmaker (either as a director or a producer), I would simply avoid it altogether (much as I avoid anything by Celine Dion, lest my blood pressure go up too much). What I wouldn't do, again for my own benefit, is constantly dwell on something I dislike and remark about it in places where I'm unlikely to garner any sympathy. That would just feed my frustration even more. Instead, I'd watch something I do like and mellow out.

Just sayin'.
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