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Re: So besides me who else...

I had some free time back around the end of February so I took the time then to sit down and watch the first eleven movies. This was the first time I've actually watched all Trek movies in a year since before Nemesis came out.

And I got to say, it was a blast. Granted, going through a marathon viewing like this really does emphasize how great the TOS movies are, and how the TNG movies lack by comparison. Really, the only movie I actually found disappointing was TMP. All the rest, even Trek V were great.

Although, Trek XI is something of an anomaly. While watching it I find I can for the most part enjoy it, primarily because I'm really not familiar with it (this was only my third time watching it, the previous two were in 2009). It's after it's done that and I start thinking about that all its flaws become noticeable. Although some flaws I do notice in the film, like the lens flares and how everyone is always talking over each other.
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