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Re: How Far Should TOS-R Have Gone?

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A good composition directs your gaze. The hand shot has too much detail on one side of the image, what with the hand overlapping the planet, etc., so it becomes clutter and the eye wants to jump off into the negative space to the left.
I just took a look at it and couldn't believe it. I've only seen some slivers of TOS-R and found them falling between abysmal and mediocre, but this just looks like it was put together in a few minutes, maybe somebody's first try with photoshop. Is this the worst of TOS-R?

Don't know how many of you will remember, but during Desert Storm I, TIME had a two-page photo of the oil fields. Bottom third of the frame was soldiers on ground facing away, middle was rocky ground terrain, upper part burning oil wells in distance. Classic composition, right?

Except the shadows didn't match direction and intensity from bottom to middle.

I showed it to everybody I worked with and NO ONE saw anything wrong with the image. Even my stepdad, who has the sort of eye that just finds stuff wrong automatically. It's like by appearing in TIME (or on the cover of LIFE in a different era), it has a stamp of approval that generates blinders or something. Not sure if the same pseudo-standards apply with other media, but I'm kinda wondering now.
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