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Ryan Reynolds Not Interested in Returning as Green Lantern Right Now

It's well known that Warner Bros. is working to bring DC Comics' Justice League to the big screen, but the studio may need to find a new protector of Sector 2814. In an interview today with Empire, Green Lantern star Ryan Reynolds explains that he's not planning on reprising his Hal Jordan role anytime soon.

"I saw how difficult it is to make that concept palatable," he explains, "and how confused it all can be when you don't really know exactly where you're going with it or you don't really know how to access that world properly. That world comic book fans have been accessing for decades and falling in love with. So at this point I have very little interest in joining that kind of world."

Good for him. Not every superhero movie needs sequels. I love how he praises both Joss Whedon and Christopher Nolan too.
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