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If you all will indulge me for a few minutes...
No I have not seen the movie yet. I have my tickets for IMAX 3D waiting for Friday the 17th (I couldn't do the fan sneak peeks on the 15th/16th), so I am seeing this movie and probably twice, I plan to go a second time a few weeks later in a standard theater too. I am looking forward to enjoying STiD for what it is and in the context of it being an approachable summer blockbuster, just like ST '09 was.

However, since it's become quite clear that most of the fan speculation has turned out to be true I hardly find myself worry about spoilers at this point. No I don't want to know everything about the movie, but really didn't we all know it was going to turn out to be Khan? And fans have been guessing that Marcus started up or is involved with Section 31 when the first descriptions of his character started trickling out. So I don't really find these to be major spoilers to me. It's the how and why all these threads come together that I think would be spoilers for me.

Anyway, so for a mild rant if you will all indulge me. I am concerned that this movie is basically some kind of Michael Bay meets a big melting pot of Trek fanfic. I mean Section 31 is a TNG-era invention (DS9 specifically), Khan was the obvious fan bait (which even in-and-of-itself isn't necessarily a bad thing, just sort of annoying that's who it is since we all knew it), and the hands on each side of the transparent glass imagery and other clear homages (or direct copies depending on how you look at it), etc. tell you what they're going after.

I'm also annoyed that Spock Prime is even seen again, it really seems like this Spock has thrown his temporal common sense out the window. Shouldn't he be picking an out of the way place with the new Vulcan population and keeping out of history's way? It appears he is not doing this.

While it would be another spoiler for me at this point I'd like to know what his role in Into Darkness is. Since it seems he may have tipped people off to the existence of Khan, either said or unsaid on screen, it seems like that's the only way they would know (aside from a pure random chance encounter with the Botany Bay).

It sure seems like this version of Spock just started a total brain dump of what he knows from the late-24th century of the Prime universe to give a leg up to the new universe's 23rd century Starfleet. This supposition (that people have thought since ST '09) seems to help explain why things are more advanced in the JJ 'verse. For example I gather that we're supposed to assume Harrison uses (the Spock Prime provided) transwarp beaming tech to get himself off the attack ship in Starfleet HQ on Earth all the way to Qo'noS?
But more to the point, why is Spock Prime around at all? He shouldn't even be seen, I always thought the point to ST '09 was to effectively reboot things while trying quell the angry reboot cries from fans by the Spock Prime cutesiness that pats us all on the back and tells us what we knew is still intact elsewhere, and then move on with new adventures in this new parallel universe, right? I would think reminding us of Spock Prime would just make for an awkward reminder that this all has been done before in some shape or form, instead of letting it all just stand on its own.
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