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Re: George and Gracie

Imagine the whale conversation to the probe.

George: You won't believe this, but 300 years ago we were minding our own business at this human facility--
Gracie (interrupting): They fed us all the shrimp we could eat!
George: --and this guy gets into the water--
Gracie: He had such cute little ears.
George: --and tells us they're bringing us to the future--
Gracie: And I told him I was pregnant.
George: --because you were tearing up the planet and they needed someone to talk to you. So they teleported us into the water tanks--
Gracie: It was a little cramped, so sex was out of the question.
George: --on their ship and brought us into the future. Which is here.
Gracie: I'd never been on a spaceship before, have you, George?
George: No, Gracie. (to Probe) So we're asking you stop and not destroy the planet.
Probe: You're right, I don't believe it. But you're here, so that's good enough. See you again in a few centuries.
George: Say goodnight, Gracie.
Gracie: Goodnight, Gracie!
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