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Re: Episode of the Week: 2x15 "Pen Pals"

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Why is lack of warp drive the one thing that defines a society as primitive and untouchable?
That whole reasoning got even more ridiculous after "Star Trek: First Contact" where the human who developed his own warp drive engine was nothing but a drunk living in a hut in Montana who only did it for money and sex. And when Starfleet and the Vulcans began working together on the NX-01, the Captain spent most of his time berating and insulting his Vulcan officer on a routine basis. Now when they got to the pre-warp civilization known as the Valakians, the whole "non-interference with pre-warp civilizations" reached whole new levels of idiocy before it was even supposed to exist.

Pen Pals was a good episode in showing how you can use the Prime Directive to help others with out falling back on it as a means to determine who lives and who dies. What was more refreshing was that no one debated on what the consequences of their actions would be. They simply wanted to help in the end.
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