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Re: Writing my first little book

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I call bullshit on that.

Transplanting the aircraft-carrier concept into Star Trek? Like that hasn't been thought of a thousand times by a thousand different people.

As if 'a big fast ship carrying smaller ships' is some unique, ground-breaking concept and anyone with a similar idea could only have conceived it by plagiarising something you posted five years ago.

Get real.

And while we're on the subject your concept is nothing but one massive fanboy cliché from beginning to end, what with all the mammoth ships crewed by thousands of 'sentients' fast enough to 'hop' between galaxies in search of the centre of the cosmos, so I wouldn't be quite so eager to lay claim to it if I were you.

Did I piss on your fish or something in a past life there, Sandy? First you jump down Astroboy's throat for nothing more than his choice of user name, then you jump down my throat in his defense.

One might suspect your were some kind of troll.

You wouldn't be one of those, wouldja?
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