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Re: Starship Ironsides

Have you ever dreamed of being in Star Trek? Of being one of the characters on your favorite show? Well this is your chance! We are ready to start casting for our first two episodes and a vignette! These are some exciting times!! Here's the deal: Instead of posting our character descriptions and folks trying to grasp what we are getting at, let's do it this way... send us a short video of you portraying the character from TOS you were meant to play. Are you Captain Kirk in hiding? McCoy's distant ancestor? Let's see it!

As with all fanfilms, the only pay involved is a lot of exposure and IMDb credit. And a lot of fun filming it all and then seeing yourself on screen at cons and all over the internet. Our goal is to build a crew with 'actors' with talent and not necessarily an IMDb credit list that rivals Pine's or Shatner's :-)

Please upload your piece as a private YouTube video and send the link to:

Break a leg everyone!!
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