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Watched the first four chapters of the Judex serial last night. Since it's a 12-parter, things move a little slowly (Judex himself doesn't appear in the Prologue). Also, so far no "origin of Judex." We don't know who is or where he came for, just that he is "a champion of justice."
And his brother's name is "Roger." He also had an article about someone named "de Tremeuse" (sic) that he looked at with the word "PAPA" written on it; I guess to remind himself of his relation to the subject of the piece.

It's interesting to see so much of the Shadow's precedents in this serial: the secret sanctum (with concealed passageways, no less), the sending of warnings via notes with an elaborate signature, the "cutting-edge" technology employed ("electric mirrors" and the like), and a network of associates (by which, I refer to his "distress" birds and "fantastic" dog pack). The cape and slouch hat are too obvious to remark on.

I can't wait to see the remainder of this serial. My fervent hope is that Judex and the Licorice Kid team-up to vanquish the villains in the final installment.
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