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Re: 7X11 The Crimson Horror(Grading/Discussion)(SPOILERS

Well I only just got to see it and everything's been said.

I loved it, the acting was top notch, the final scene between the Doctor and Ada was great.

Yes the rocket exhaust should have killed them, the fainting man was a bit tedious but this was my favourite of this half of the season.

I will reserve judgment on next weeks but the trailer didn't impress me.

The people in bell jars were great, the whole atmosphere was well done.

Definite Sherlock vibe to this episode. It felt more adult to me this week just from the performance of the cast.

I'd happily watch a Paternoster spin off.

Did people really find this story too complicated to follow?

The story was pretty straightforward and any argument that things need to be dumbed down or made simpler is questionable.

Anything that tries to reach above the common denominator is to be applauded, not that this episode did as I say it wasn't very original but I enjoyed the implementation.
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