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Re: Need some help with a college assignment!

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It is expected that you will read the required material from the unit reader each week and come to class prepared to discuss what you found interesting or difficult, and ask questions about the concepts covered that week.
That hasn't actually happened yet. In the lectures, half the class plays around on their iphones It's actually overdue from last friday, I have an extension until this friday.

Just because everyone else in class is wasting their tuition money doesn't mean that you should as well. If I let what the students around me were doing define my college experience then I would have learned nothing but how to make a brightly colored MySpace page. Not really worth the thousands of dollars I put towards my education.

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I do have the text, it's just sitting down to actually read it that does me in, it's very archaic language, despite me passing the most advanced English class that was available in high school. I've known the boxer for 15 years so that's not a problem, however his opinions seem to be very... simplistic I guess.
You have to push through it. It may not be fun, but the point of these assignments isn't to have fun, it's to learn something new about the subject. And also to teach you how to do shit you don't want to. Trust me, it will come in handy in your future career.

Since it would probably take too long to fully read all of the information that you need to, I would suggest reading the introduction/preface, as well as the first and last paragraphs of each chapter/section. Skim the middle parts. Read the conclusion. Highlight useful quotes as you go. Write your paper.
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