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Re: Episode of the Week: 2x15 "Pen Pals"

The whole discussion among the senior staff about the merits/pitfalls of the Prime Directive was one of the best moments of season two. Pulaski really shines in conversations like that. I wish she had stuck around longer.

I never understood Picard's initial resistance to helping the Dremans. They were not at war with another species or amongst themselves, they were not dying off due to a genetic disorder - they were dying off due to a geological instability that the Enterprise could easily fix without "interfering" in their society.

From what little we know about Dreman technology (dematerializing doors and long range RF communications), they seem to be a few decades away from discovering warp drive for themselves. If they were already a spacefaring race, Picard wouldn't hesitate a second to assist them. Why is lack of warp drive the one thing that defines a society as primitive and untouchable?
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