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Re: SFX's Top 5 Trek Moments

50. Scotty knocks himself out (TFF)
49. Sulu's topless fencing (The Naked Time, TOS)
48. Data's gift of laughter (Deja Q, TNG)
47. The Excelsior grinds to a halt (TSFS)
46. Garak and Dukat vs. Klingons (The Way of the Warrior, DS9)
45. "I dare you to do better." (Star Trek 2009)
44. Spock's suicide run (Star Trek 2009)
43. "Cry havoc...!" (TUC)
42. Ice planet crash (Timeless, VOY)
41. McCoy cures the Horta (The Devil in the Dark, TOS)
40. Data swears (GEN)
39. The human/vulcan handshake (FC)
38. "I don't like to lose." (TWOK)
37. The destruction of Vulcan (Star Trek 2009)
36. Nuclear Wessels (TVH)
35. Spock's delight that Kirk's alive (Amok Time, TOS)
34. Fifteen Borg cubes (Scorpion, Part 1, VOY)
33. Picard's post-Borg breakdown (Family, TNG)
32. The Mirror credits (In a Mirror, Darkly, Part 1, ENT)
31. Romulan respect (Balance of Terror, TOS)
30. The Enterprise fly-by (TMP)
29. Punching the punk (TVH)
28. Data does 'Resistance is futile!' (FC)
27. The Battle of Wolf 359 (Emissary, DS9)
26. Khan's final words (TWOK)
25. The Borg Queen's entrance (FC)
24. "We do not discuss it with outsiders!" (Trials and Tribble-ations, DS9)
23. The destruction of the Enterprise (TSFS)
22. Scotty's holodeck Enterprise (Relics, TNG)
21. Picard breaks his little ships (FC)
20. Scotty uses a mouse (TVH)
19. Mirror Spock (Mirror, Mirror, TOS)
18. "Second star to the right..." (TUC)
17. Picard's defense of Data (The Measure of a Man, TNG)
16. Spock and Kirk fight to the death (Amok Time, TOS)
15. "I'm not a merry man!" (Qpid, TNG)
14. Picard plays poker (All Good Things... TNG)
13. Picard plays the Ressikan flute (The Inner Light, TNG)
12. George Kirk's sacrifice (Star Trek 2009)
11. Spock's eulogy (TWOK)
10. The death of Edith Keeler (The City on the Edge of Forever, TOS)
9. The Enterprise-D covers the Enterprise-C (Yesterday's Enterprise, TNG)
8. Kirk's tribble trouble (The Trouble With Tribbles, TOS)
7. The personal log Sisko deletes (In The Pale Moonlight, DS9)
6. Gul Dukat finds Sisko's baseball (Call to Arms, DS9)
5. Kirk grills O'Brien (Trials and Tribble-ations, DS9)
4. "There are four lights!"
3. The death of Spock (TWOK)
1. "I am Locutus of Borg.." (The Best of Both Worlds, Part 1, TNG)

I think that's a pretty good list. Some of the ordering may be iffy, but it's all done with votes. I was glad to see some of the JJ Abrams film moments in there, though there may be too many. To be fair, the magazine is one big advert for the new film anyway. Besides, I'm just as happy to see hardly and VOY and ENT in there.
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