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Re: Carolyn McCormick in 1010111101

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Just finished watching the 1010110111 episode in the 1st season. Was very impressed with Carolyn McCormick's performance as the hologram...she of course would go on to be Dr. Olivet on Law and Order but I liked her more playful and more cunning side in this episode.

Read somewhere that she was given consideration for the Janeway that true? Not sure if she would have topped Mulgrew but she definitely would have been equipped for the challenge and held her own. Would have been very interesting.
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According to Memory Alpha and IMDB, it's true.

If you want to see her earliest film role (according to IMDB), look for her in 1985's Enemy Mine during the space station scenes.
Check her out in this episode of "Cold Case" if you want to see her playing something VERY different than either Minuet or Dr. Olivet:
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