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Re: Once Upon A Time - Season 2 Thread

Enterprise is Great wrote: View Post
I'm guessing that this anti-magic group aka the Home Office was set up by Wendy Darling. I think more was going on here than just going into Bae's history. And no way is Neal dead. He's probably in Neverland or the Enchanted Forest.
Yeah, I think he's definitely in Neverland again. And I think the Darlings set up Home Office too (unless it goes back even further than them). I did like the twist on Peter Pan. I'm wondering if Bae will be Peter Pan or whether we'll meet the actual Pan next week. But, given how Rumplestiltskin is multiple characters it would be fitting that Bae has a couple of identities too.

js wrote: View Post
It was pretty clear (to me) that they flew to the "second star to the right" and straight on to Neverland's "world" where Bae fell into the seas surrounding it. I was expecting him to be rescued by mermaids though - didn't think of Hook till he arrived.
It was clear to me it was Neverland as well and I too thought he would be rescued by mermaids. But speaking of them, easy way to get Ariel next season!

Overall the episode was amazing. I loved the reveal that Tamara and Greg are working for a larger company, really opens up the whole show. I like the seeds planted between Lacey and Gold, I think Lacey is going to betray him eventually. Loved that Regina was still defiant while she was being tortured, and I really liked the bit where Neal sacrificed himself. I can sense a VERY big cliffhanger coming next episode.
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