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Re: Jaun ortiz retro print thoughts

I like some of them, but some of them are not to my liking. And I don't think there was ever an attempt to be "literal" to the episode involved, as Paterns of Force and Mirror, Mirror don't reflect events in the episode. But then neither does Catspaw.

City on the Edge of Forever reminds me of some of the doodles I used to draw as a 8yr old on the brown papers that came around the newspapers when they were delivered.

Mirror, Mirror looks like a vastly improved version of Face/Off.

I actually like The Ultimate Computer, because I like the formation of cruisers.

I think Spock's Brain shirt looks better than Spock's Brain the episode, in a fanciful way.

Don't forget, many movies were pitched as an idea and a poster, so they often didn't match the final product. I think that's the kind of vibe they were going for, not accuracy.
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