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Re: Mad Men season 6 (spoilers)

Yeah, rust was a huge problem with it. I was little back then, but I do remember hearing about that car. Maybe that's the end goal--the bottom dropping out of the new company because of its reliance on the Chevy account. Maybe that's what finally pitches Don out a window a la the opening credits....if that comes to pass.

Man, Pete should have told his hypocrite father-in-law that he was having a potental client entertained. Plausible deniability. Daddy dearest can cheat all he wants, but no one cheats on his princess. Ugh. Pete will be thrilled that Peggy's back, but Peggy....oh man, poor Peggy. Can you imagine how deflating that would be to finally prove yourself in a buiness world that doesn't give women many positions of power....and then once again be subservient to your former asshole boss? It's not like there are that many jobs for Peggy where she would be in the same position of authority. She could find another job, but not one like the one she has. Oh, poor Peggy.

Loved Joan's rant at Don. Get them yourself.

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