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Re: Movies Seen In 2013

38. Superman vs The Elite: B+
39. Justice League: Doom: A
40. Green Lantern First Flight: A
41. Oblivion: B+
42. Iron Man 3: B-

Green Lantern First Flight: I like how it was an anthology spotlight of shorts but used a main plot device to weave Corps members "first flight" tales into the film. Would've been nice to have one of the shorts been Sinestro and/or Hal but that's about my only minor quibble.

Oblivion: A very well done film. Tom Cruise and Co. put out a solid film. The Cinematography was the main reason I'd recommend you see this on the big screen. Other than that you could enjoy it on DVD just fine. This borrows from a number of sci-fi themes we could point to in any number of places. If you participate in this thread I'd wager you'll start figuring it out by the midway point. That said, they weave their pieces together well and within the structure of their story it's a well done film. Where spectacle isn't the only selling point(eg Avatar) but the story is a retelling/update done equally well.

Iron Man 3: I've seen it twice now despite giving it a B-, which imo isn't a bad grade. I'd rank the IM films in the order they came out. The discussion thread is the place for things but I was just a bit let down by what they did with Mandarin. No one was calling/expecting for the caricature and offensive look from his origins, he's evolved like any character. I expected the outside the box thinking on Mandarin to be dynamic for the big screen, not a watering down as to be Mandarin in name only. So it gets most of it's knock in grade from that for me.
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