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Re: Season FOUR OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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One of my favourite eps from this season is Night Terrors, minus most of the Troi scenes. The scene with Dr Crusher in the cargo bay with the corpses sitting up around her was great. I thought the music track also wasn't as bland as the standard stuff being used in most eps at the time.

I still have the VHS I bought 20 years ago of this and Identity Crisis when the BBC stopped showing TNG for 2 years because they thought it wasn't worth it anymore. One of the few TNG VHS releases to get a 15 rating when most had PG or U.

Nth Degree, Brothers, Clues, and Devils Due are also favourites.
The BBC stopped showing TNG because Sky bought the first run broadcast rights. I never really say this as a bad thing since the BBC were 3 years behind because they didn't start airing it until 1990.
I found out later on about Sky purchasing the rights but at the time I wrote a protest letter to the BBC and the response I got back stated that it was their decision to stop showing it. Saving face I suppose. It was a bad thing if you didn't have Sky. LOL.
At the time I just thought that the series had ended after the conclusion to Best of Both Worlds. Wasn't until a couple of years later that I saw some of the VHS tapes in one of the high street stores and didn't recognize any of the episodes. Immediately bought one (I Borg/The Next Phase), confirmed that these were indeed new episodes to me, and then promptly went about gobbling up as many of the VHS tapes as I could find to fill in the gap from BOBW.
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