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Re: Marvel Now/ReEvolution Ongoing Discussion (Spoilers)

I admit I no longer go to FCBD for the free comics as issued with the FCBD banner.
I go for the sales. I got a good run of fine to near mint issues of Byrne's '90s Namor 1-48, bagged. The entire run of Sleepwaker 1-33. For $.50 it's worth rereading those imo.
Various other misc books.
Plus for every $10 you spend you got a ticket that could be redeemed for various HC/OHC/Omnis.
I already had the Omnis he was offering but got the Seige OHC and Dark Avengers OHC.

He also gives away surplus "recent" books. I'm guessing he has surplus cause he bought them in 'x' quantity to get some variant. This year I got the Marvel Now #1 issues of Cable&X-Force, Nova, Captain America and New Avengers which I've not yet read. He also had Secret Avengers, Savage Wolverine and Thunderbolts #1, but I bought those upon release.

If you want to look him up on FB it's Rick's Comic City, he has pictures from the days event. People dressing up, it's very much a micro-con atmosphere in a way. At least how he promotes it.
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