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Re: Mad Men season 6 (spoilers)

It seemed odd that two big decisions were apparently made without all the partners consulting: Bert, Pete and Joan cooking up the public offering, and Don and Roger putting together the merger.

Don always hated the Jaguar guy, and rightly so, he was an ass. But what Joan said was right, what she did was her own business. OTOH, if word got around that SCDP's work was being "made over" by someone outside the firm, it would not be good for their reputation and making it into the big leagues.

The Chevy Vega... what a piece of crap that turned out to be. But it was supposed to be the "next big thing," GM's answer to the compact imports, very interesting from the marketing side.

I loved the whole "Northwest Orient" lounge and the hostess' uniform. Was the wig part of the hat, or what?
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