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Re: Need some help with a college assignment!

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How much is the project worth as a percentage of your grade? It might be possible to pass the class with just an attempt at the assignment, but it will likely torpedo your GPA and make it difficult to be successful in college in the long run.
20%. The research essay is the big one, worth 50%:

Write an essay (4000 words) that answers one of the following questions:
1. Lady Gaga represents new forms of gender and sexuality in a digital age. Do you agree? Discuss your response in relation to the concept of ‘cyborgs’.

2. Discuss gender socialization and how it relates to the nature-nurture debate. Where does our sense of gender come from? What is the impact of social and cultural settings on these identities?

3. Why is muscularity for women considered to be problematic in the West?

4. What does it mean to perform masculinity OR femininity? Discuss in relation to drag kings OR drag queens. How does drag open up a dialogue across sex and gender boundaries?

5. Patricia Hill Collins discusses the ‘interlocking nature of oppression’ in relation to African-American identity. What does she mean by this?

6. Clothing and appearance are not trivial. Critically discuss this statement in relation to Muslim women and the practice of veiling and discourses of beauty in the West.
(Just in case you're curious)
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