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Re: John Williams to Score Star Wars Episode VII

^ The old saying about "polishing a turd" and all that?

I can understand the sentiment of some here that Williams did much better work with the original trilogy than with the prequel trilogy. He probably did. But you also have to look at the quality of the material he was working with. The creative canvas he was painting on, so to speak, was much more filled with over-the-top eye candy CGI effects than substantive content, in comparison to the original trilogy. Not to mention Lucas was in the director's chair, which he wasn't on V or VI, and who knows what sort of direction he gave to Williams.

I still think having Williams do the new film is a good choice. Even a mediocre outing from Williams is better than many film composers do on their best days. And having that solid, thematic connection back to the previous films is, IMHO, a good thing.
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