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Re: Season FOUR OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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Well... ENT S1 is already out, no word yet on DS9 and Voy.
But if you want to support those to be released on BD, the absolutly WORST and contraproductive you could do is not buying the season packs now and waiting for a complete set!
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I am just waiting until all 7 season are out, then I will buy it as a pack.

Any word on DS9,VOY, and ENT blu ray?
DS9 and Voyager Blu-ray production is contingent on TNG Blu-ray sales, so I'd recommend buying now if you can afford it! The first season of Enterprise came out in March, and Season 2 is tentatively scheduled for this coming August; we'll get Seasons 3 and 4 next year if the schedule continues.
Good news to hear ENT season 1 is on BD.

I hadn't thought of DS9 and VOY BD being contingent on TNG sales, but if they are, I think I will get them before, in that case. I just checked Amazon and prices have come down quite a bit too!
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