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Re: Novels based on the movie cast.

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I've told you over and over again that continuity and "story difficulties" are not the issue.
By continuing to state that, you realise you only increase the mystery.
Reading between the lines of what Christopher's saying here, it sounds like the issue is really with Bad Robot. If so, several theories suggest themselves.

1) Pocket's license doesn't extend to cover the new film and Pocket was unaware of that. (I would rate this as unlikely, though, as the first film was novelized and there was the line of youth novels.)

2) Bad Robot doesn't want to work with Pocket Books for whatever reason and thus won't approve any manuscripts from Pocket. (I would rate this as slightly less unlikely, though Bad Robot and Pocket did work together on a line of Alias novels.)

3) Bad Robot is willing to work with Pocket, but not with people working for Pocket, for whatever reason. (I don't know how to rate this one at all.)

Now, it's possible that I'm misreading what Christopher is trying to say without saying directly, in which case none of these will apply. I always thought that the announcement of the cancellations sounded like Pocket falling on their sword for decisions made elsewhere. (And as the licensee, they would be the ones to take the fall, even if they weren't at fault.)
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