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Re: Caroline Skinner Has Quit!

I tend to lean towards Eight was the Doctor who fought the Time War, but, Eccelston seeing his face for the first time in Rose, doesn't necessarily mean he just regenerated right before meeting Rose. He was messed up with Guilt and so many other conflicting feelings, and travelling alone. The Doctor gets wrapped up in his travels and pushed from one life threatening situation to the next, under the best of circumstances, so, add in the Guilt and all the other stuff, and it's certainly possble it's been a long time since he's seen his own face. Maybe he'd been runnning from adventure to adventure for 50 years, without ever slowing down long enough to look at his own reflection.

But, again, I lean towards it was 8 that fought the Tme War, and that 9 really was born in combat (IE: The Doctor's final acts in the Time War killed 8 and resulted in his Regeneration into 9)
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