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Re: 5 year old given rifle as gift, kills 2 year old sister

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For a few brief moments post-Sandy Hook, Wayne LaPierre was actually making occasional sense (i.e. pushing for additional school security through police as opposed to arming teachers).
Yesterday that changed again when he essentially asked whether those in Boston wished they had guns immediately after the Marathon bombings. Or even during. While that's not an exact quote, that's the mental picture he gave me through his words.
Doesn't surprise me in the least. "You should have had a gun" seems to be certain people's response to every crime. I found that out when I was attacked three years ago.

A gun would not have helped in my situation. I was awakened by the assailant already touching me. How the hell would I have grabbed a gun at that point?! Also, he had a big knife that turned out to be from my own kitchen. If there'd been a gun in the house, he might've found that, too.

When I said all that to a couple people who were pushing me to buy a gun, they had no responses except to keep repeating that I should still get a gun. Sheesh.

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WRONG. I see this argument all the time and it really annoys me because it is absolutely wrong. Guns can be used to kill people, sure, but that is not their only purpose by any means. They are primarily a recreational object but they can also be used for killing. I and many people I know have done a lot of shooting.
I think you got that backwards...
They where meant to quickly and easily kill living beings...
That a lot of people now go to a shooting range and use their guns for target shooting is a good side-effect/evolution...
But 2 reasons why this happened are that we don't have to hunt our own food anymore and there is law-enforcement for when dangerous people need to be stopped...
But guns aren't toys or sports-equipment, they are power-tools for killing animals and humans...
Well said.
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