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Re: Novels based on the movie cast.

Christopher wrote: View Post
They haven't said "postponed" either.
As I said, the term used by the then-editor was "for now", IIRC, which still sounds more like "on hiatus" or "postponed" than outright "cancelled". I was careful not to say "postponed". The only term used here by an editor was "for now".

I've told you over and over again that continuity and "story difficulties" are not the issue.
By continuing to state that, you realise you only increase the mystery.

If it were as simple as that, they could've been revised and published already.
Huh? No, to order four sets of extensive revisions at the point where the novels were being set aside would have been impossible before the second film's script had even been finalized. Orci & Kurtzman probably didn't even know the extent or effects of their own sequel story when the four novels were being proposed. For Orci & Kurtzman to provide a list of areas that were off-limits for tie-ins would have breached the secrecy Bad Robot was enjoying spinning about the plot and antagonist of STiD.

But I also never said it was "simple".

I mean, IDW has had no problem putting out a monthly comic that's consistent with the film continuity, so why would it be any different for Pocket? Yes, Orci (not Kurtzman) consults on the comics, but there's no reason he couldn't do the exact same thing for the novels if he chose to.
I thought you were the one who once talked about one thin comic manuscript per month being easier/faster to oversee than four thick novel manuscripts while Orci & Kurtzman were absorbed with the writing of the movie? Maybe I dreamed it?

So you're just plain wrong here.
Sigh. I made it clear it was a personal speculation.

Since I'm not an employee of Pocket, I can still only speculate, but it seems to me - wrong or not - that IDW was on much safer ground. Two-parter by two-parter, they were reimagining particular TOS episodes, and working with Bob Orci. Only a few, more recent, issues have had original stories. Only the Sarek story and the Keenser one-shot were original and within the scope of possible story threads of the then-forthcoming movie. Other titles have been prequels. The three YA novels, also, are all prequels. The new computer game is also off on a prescribed tangent; even its Gorn adversaries are from a different dimension(?).

I can't rule out the possibility that these books may be revived someday, somehow; after all, Engines of Destiny was eventually resurrected after being a dead letter for years. But that was the exception; there have been plenty of other cancelled novels that never saw the light of day.
IIRC, a lot of those early novels which "almost were", on Steve Roby's site, were mostly only proposals and sample chapters, not full, completed and edited manuscripts. (Many spec proposals for media tie-ins are not even done under contract and no payment is due.)

So it would be most unwise to assume that these books must eventually be published. It would be nice if they were someday, but it's far from inevitable.
I wasn't assuming inevitability. I thought I carefully worded that I thought that "it's reasonable to expect" that four bought and paid for novels will eventually get published once the trilogy has been completed.

I doubt the accountants are losing sleep over a loss sustained four years ago on a measly four mass-market paperbacks.
Well, if the pay is only "measly", then I guess you're right. Maybe those accountants got fired when they let Marco and Margaret go?

I knew I shoulda just ignored this thread - and let poor ol' Lt. Cheka Wey wallow in his misery.

You hear that, Lt. Cheka Wey?: I was wrong and the novels might never come out after all!
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