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Re: Starship Size Argument™ thread

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WarpFactorZ, can you please apply your image analysis methods to this...

... and tell us how big it is according to your reckoning?
Don't know how relevant it is, but there was a scale drawing in CINEFANTASTIQUE that indicated spacedock was something like 2.9 miles high. Or maybe 2.1? Anybody have the issue in question, I think it is the one covering TWOK-TVH.
Hell, FASA made it sound like SpaceDock was as large as the Indian sub-continent, and they were supposed to have been tied-in with official studio sources at the time. I think it was an article in their "Stardate" magazine, although I can't remember which one. It had a pretty nice side view w/ different colors representing the different sections of the station.
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