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Re: Is Star Trek (the original series) aging really badly?

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As to the specific criticism of TOS pacing, there's one tangible reason why modern audiences may pick up on it: Because there was less commercial time during the airing of TOS, the individual episodes are longer. Five minutes or so may not seem like much, but modern audiences are conditioned for shorter run times.
Good point. On Mad Men a couple of weeks ago there was a line about six minutes of commercials per hour. Wow. Now it's like eight minutes per half hour. You can get a lot into a couple of extra minutes. Maybe why TOS has more play-like, dialogue-heavy scenes. Which I like, but is obviously not for everyone.
Interestingly, Fox actually tried going back to 51 minute blocks + 9 minute commercials for a couple shows a few years ago. Joss Whedon ended up complaining about it saying that he felt like he was unnecessarily extending episodes of Dollhouse for no good reason.
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