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You reminded me of a cute lil' incident. During the mid 80s, I'd drive my grandmother to visit her older sister in the country. My great-aunt's daughter who cared for her catatonic mother started letting one of the more people friendly barnyard cats enter the kitchen. During one visit I snacked upon some potato chips and the ebony feline keenly stared at me. Jokingly, I held out a chip and said, "What? You want one?" The cat leaned forward and bit a perfect semi-circle from the salted snack. He didn't lunge. It was simply purposeful and calculated. I stared at the cartoon styled notch in the chip and decided, "Eh, I don't think I'll finish this. Here, you take it."

My exposure to cats before those visits had been limited, so I didn't expect a feline would want something that was not meat. Little did I understand that cats, and many other animals are opportunists. They're not going to fret over the nutritional value of an item. If it can be swallowed, some animal will eat it.


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