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Re: Franz Joseph Blueprints Revisited

Robert Comsol wrote: View Post

Greg Jein didn't reflect on this issue when he first wrote his treatise, but later - when approached with the issue of the "complete" bars on the starship status display - he conceded that a low "complete" bar could indicate a starship just being built and the lowest bar on this display was that of "1700"! (being the farthest from "complete").
Why do you think the "Court Martial" chart shows ships being built? (Or, I guess, more accurately, why do you think that Greg Jein speculated that the bars on the "Star Ship Status" chart shows ships being built?) "The Case of Jonathan Doe Starship" makes reference to "ships in port and undergoing repair," but it doesn't seem to make reference to the idea that the ships, such as NCC-1700, were actually being constructed. Where does that idea come from?

"* R[uth ]B[erman]'s note. Readers may recall from T-N 23 that I speculated that the chart measured where the ships were in their five-year missions, as it was numbered in percentages--and the ship which Greg has here identified as the Intrepid had not only reached the 100% line but had a line beyond it starting over. Greg's theory, that the chart showed ships in port and undergoing repair, fits in better with the plot of the episode, and I asked him if he could find a way to reconcile a repair job which was more than 100% complete. He suggested that perhaps the extra percentage 'refers to some form of "finishing touch" labor, i.e., painting, checking computer, etc' and the first part of the graph 'to heavy mechanical labor/construction.'"

What you probably need to do is look at the "Court Martial" script and actually find out exactly what information that "Star Ship Status" chart was scripted and intended to be communicated to the viewing audience.
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