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Re: Help Me Build a Comprehensive Star Trek Experience

So I just thought of an easier way to do this. Attempting to identify the key episodes from each series or season and create an experience that way is far too subjective so here is the idea:

We have the episode sets that collect a handful of episodes such as the Borg, Q, or time travel so let's make some lists similar to that. If we identify a certain character or plotline we can then make a list of the episodes that advance or develop that part of the show. Lists of the best episodes of a particular series are easy enough to find but there is no reason we couldn't just add some great stand alone episodes that showcase what one of the series is all about.

As an example here is the Essential Spock Episodes list I created.

The Original Series
1.01 The Cage
1.02 Where No Man Has Gone Before
1.03 The Corbomite Maneuver
1.06 The Naked Time
1.08 Balance of Terror
1.13 The Galileo Seven
1.14 Court Martial
1.15-1.16 The Menagerie, Parts I&II
1.24 Space Seed
1.25 This Side of Paradise
2.05 Amok Time
2.15 Journey to Babel
2.19 The Immunity Syndrome
3.12 Plato’s Stepchildren
3.23 All Our Yesterdays

The Animated Series
1.02 Yesteryear

I The Motion Picture
II The Wrath of Kahn
III The Search for Spock
IV The Voyage Home
V The Final Frontier
VI The Undiscovered Country

The Next Generation
5.07-5.08 Unification, Parts I&II

XI Star Trek

Possible Inclusions
TOS 3.01 Spectre of the Gun
TOS 3.06 Spock's Brain
TNG 3.23 Sarek
TNG 6.14 Face of the Enemy

I included the 2009 film on the list not for the bits about Quinto's Spock, which I personally enjoy, or the trials he faces but because the story serves as a great endcap to Nimoy's Spock.

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