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Re: Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home - Trial view-screen strangeness

This is quite possible. We see camera-like devices in several situations - say, Scotty rigs a box with a lens to record the Tomlinson/Martine wedding in "Balance of Terror". But these don't behave like real cameras - say, Scotty's little box doesn't point towards the altar at all, and could only hope to catch the happy couple if using an extreme fish-eye lens and then doing some image postprocessing. Also, Kirk in "Patterns of Force" knows how to point a handheld camera in theory, but he completely fumbles the practical application, shooting way too close to catch any actual imagery even though he's doing his best to pretend that he is an accomplished propaganda photographer.

Optical recording devices based on lens technology thus might be but one very small element in the overall recording technology of Star Trek. Let's remember the EMH's very own holographic camera, with multiple lenses spaced so close to each other that three-dimensional recording would be physically impossible by optical means alone... Something more is going on there.

Timo Saloniemi
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