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Re: Starship Size Argument™ thread

One can totally hate it because one thinks they did a bad job.
And that's the key to it all - they did a job. Only the job counts - the people who did it are meaningless. They may say things, they may write things, but those aren't part of the movie. The movie is a product that begins when the Kelvin enters the view and ends when the projector goes silent. And even out of that, the actual entertaining illusion only includes the bits that aren't credits, subtitles or commercials (the one Nokia marketing bit notwithstanding).

These mighty makers do a job, and then they leave, get promoted, drink themselves to death, or change their minds. Happily, none of that changes the job they already did. Only future jobs may change the previous job with their additional pseudo-facts, in the super-serialized format of Star Trek (and then only if one wants to believe in such serialization rather than, say, think of Shatner's Kirk as independent of Pine's).

Really, this whole thread is about laughing out of the court the people who insist on something being X just because they say so.

Timo Saloniemi
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