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Re: Need some help with a college assignment!

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Sorry, you have to do the readings. Specifically, you have to do the readings, understand them, and then cite to the readings in your paper. I suspect the readings will be very useful in helping you understand the meaning of that question. When's the due date?
That's what I thought too, though I thought some of them would be done during tutorials - nothing until this point has referenced them. It wasn't until I looked at the unit outline (I enrolled rather late and hadn't seen it until recently) that I saw this:

It is expected that you will read the required material from the unit reader each week and come to class prepared to discuss what you found interesting or difficult, and ask questions about the concepts covered that week.
That hasn't actually happened yet. In the lectures, half the class plays around on their iphones It's actually overdue from last friday, I have an extension until this friday.

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You are screwed, unless you are pals with someone in the class with a copy, or the library (or one of the libraries) at your college has one. If you are able to buy one, skim and read the parts you need, hats off to you.

Besides, I think asking a boxer those kinds of questions might be risky if you don't know the boxer that well (unless the boxer truly understands and appreciates why you are asking)
I do have the text, it's just sitting down to actually read it that does me in, it's very archaic language, despite me passing the most advanced English class that was available in high school. I've known the boxer for 15 years so that's not a problem, however his opinions seem to be very... simplistic I guess.

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Really, I just need the definition of a "gendered body" broken down into something a bit easier to understand
Gendered Body might have to do with how the societal world around us shapes our perceptions of our physical bodies. This has a lot to do with bulk of the population being encouraged to participate in (usually heterosexual) gender identity conformity.

Human bodies are shaped and controlled by the norms and pathways of the gendered social orders. How you dress, your diet, manner of speech, to meet social expectations. American culture has moved slightly away from this, but only slightly. Little boys still get baseball gloves, and little girls get soft dolls.

The Lucia Rijker Story

It might help to know the title of the textbook, and it's author[s].

Thank you! I think I can get somewhere with this in mind. I don't spend a lot of time perceiving my own physical body, as I just accept that it's far from perfect and move on. I don't even have to get a passing grade, just attempt all the work:

To pass this unit, it is not necessary to receive a mark of 50% or higher for each weighted assessment task, although each must be attempted.
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