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Re: Starship Size Argument™ thread

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Tell that to Pocket Books. Ask them about those Abramsverse novels.
OK, I'll ask. By the way, where are the detailed schematics of the nu-Enterprise? Did Pocket Books publish them? Please provide a link if you have one.
In Paramount's vaults until such time as they want to release them. As I've shown through the thread, the ship size is consistent. The hanger matches the bridge which matches the windows which matches the hatches and engineering fits into the 14-deck-deep secondary hull. They're not too big as you've kept claiming. I've even posted diagrams proving it! You haven't refuted any of them, you've just tried and tried to switch tactics, complain about something else. I think you've forgotten what you were originally trying to prove - that the new Enterprise is the same size as the old one. It's safe to say you've failed completely.
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