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Re: D'deridex-class Warbird Maneuverability

Probably so. But similar pulses might collapse UFP antimatter containment fields; it's not a vulnerability specific to the Romulan design.

Interestingly, when the Breen hit the Axis of Alpha fleet with the energy-damping weapon at Chin'toka, ships went dark and motionless. They did not explode immediately out of containment failure, regardless of whether they had UFP, Klingon or Romulan power systems...

Granted, the ships didn't lose all power: we saw internal lighting (at least the emergency sort) work just fine. Nor did hearts stop beating or brains stop thinking. Clearly, the weapon only affected certain types of power flow, and the starship powerplant protection systems probably either had an inherently resilient type of power arrangement, or were built with multiple redundant power sources of which at least one was resilient to the Breen weapon.

Timo Saloniemi
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