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Re: Does TOS Still Look Futuristic to You?

Does the TOS look futuristic to me? I grew up in the late 1970s and 1980s, so it never did look futuristic. In fact, it looked downright fake, in comparison to other sci fi I was interested in at the time such as Star Wars, Aliens, and especially Star Treks 1-3. Watching the TOS series in re-runs, then seeing the then new Star trek movies with the same cast members some 15 years later, the FX gap had a huge drop off between movie and TV show.

But you know what? I still loved watching the TOS re-runs anyway, because the show was so well written, and so well acted. And now, the FX and sets are part of the charm of TOS, and in fact, despite the visual upgrades the remastered versions offer, I STILL prefer the original, unenhanced version of the TOS.

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Yes and no.

The Enterprise exterior still seems futuristic to me as do the bridge and transporter room. Some of the props have aged better than others, the communicator and phaser are still awesome, while the tricorder and PADD haven't aged so well.
I would say that the overall design of the Enterprise exterior, and the other ships like Klingons and Romulans still look futuristic to me. In fact, their silhouettes are what I picture as what space ships SHOULD look like.

But I have to be honest and say that on the Enterprise,the TOS series version's nacelles have what clearly look like 1960s rocket styling, and the deflector dish looks a little out of place, when comparing it with other Star Fleet ships that came later.

Now, if you ask me if the refit Enterprise from TMP forward still looks futuristic, I say resoundingly "YES!" It is amazing to me how only 10 years difference and having an actual budget transforms basically the same ship and makes it realistic looking, and futuristic.While I love the classic TOS Enterprise, I still feel the "true look" of the NCC1701, and one that holds up the most, is the TMP version. In fact, it is clear that the reboot Enterprise was most heavily influenced by that version, and at least the saucer section, to me, looks nearly the same.

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Nope, especially not the computers. Those look like what they are, a 60s blinking lights vision of the future. Of course, the one thing that really dates TOS in my eyes is the miniskirt (and no, that doesn't look any better in the Abramsverse either).
Agreed all around (including the miniskirt comment). I can appreciate some of TOS' better written episodes purely for their stories, but just about every element of the visuals and overall production design of the show is so dated as to be distracting.
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It's those smooth surfaces that serve to make it seem more futuristic than its offspring.
Eh, other way 'round, I'd say. Interestingly, though the less smooth, more detailed surfaces of the Ent-D, Defiant, etc. make those ships look better/more advanced from the outside, the more smooth, less blocky surfaces of control panels and such are what make them look more advanced from the inside.
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If you liked the photoshopped pics, THIS will blow your mind.

ZOML! That is awesome work!

I have to agree. The added detail and lighting to the TOS designs in TMP forward really are what make the refit Enterprise NCC-1701 really go from looking like a model in the TOS, to a real ship in the movies, that in my mind, should be how actual future ships should look like.

As for that video, that DID blow my mind. It transforms the TOS bridge in a way that is consistent with the TMP-TUC movies, yet maintains the integrity of the color scheme of TOS. I can't imagine what it would cost to go through every TOS episode and update it to look like that, though, but if it ever were done, I would definitely be buying me some blu rays! Great work!
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