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Re: Novels based on the movie cast.

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There were originally going to be four novels set in the Abrams timeline. Unfortunately, they were all cancelled.
What? I tought they were in stasis. They are finished?
Think of it this way: Pocket paid out money on four manuscripts and decided to set them aside "for now". That's all that has been said publicly. No one at Pocket or CBS Consumer Products said "cancelled".

I think it's reasonable to expect that, once the trilogy of films is completed, any story point difficulties will have been removed and the four shelved titles are likely to be revisited, reconsulted with CBS Consumer Products, revised (if necessary), and published.

Having already seen STiD, and without revealing any spoilers, I can think of at least two of the proposed books' blurbs that indicate how the books might have gotten in the way of forthcoming canonical events. Unlike the IDW comics (where Orci & Kurtzman were suggesting how remaking certain TOS episodes would avoid/assist their new movie's plot), and the YA novels and IDW solo issues, which are prequels to the first film. Safe territory!

Pocket's investment on four unpublished novels, by four of their most successful/popular authors, would be in their interest to resolve. Eventually. At worst, if outright cancelled, the authors could seek advice about reworking certain plots, characters and events into other ST novels.

Steve Roby's "Lost Star Trek Books" site has numerous ST titles listed that were "lost" - some for a decade or more - and miraculously revived.
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