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Re: "Iron Man 3" Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

Above average.

It was worth seeing, and it had some fun and funny moments.

On the down side, I won't be falling all over myself to see it again, which is the main reason I can't rate it any higher.

I knew I wasn't going to totally dig it the moment it was clear that the bad guy was basically a Buddy Pine/Syndrome type, which was evident to me about five minutes in.

Also, there was nothing suspenseful at all in anyone being with the good or bad guys, including Maya and the VP. Those two were given away early with various tells, respectively by the bombs with no bomb parts and by the number somehow getting planted on the President's cell phone with only one other noteworthy character in the Executive Branch, yet on some level the film kept acting as if there was mystery.

It was better than IM2, but not as good as IM1.
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