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Re: The Borg and JJ's universe

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The ENT-E crew went back to CORRECT what had been corrupted, and they succeeded. However they failed to prevent several people from dying and had to contaminate the time stream and give assistance and future knowledge to Zefram Cochrane and Lily Sloane.
You are assuming that there was an original timeline that didn't contain any of this. You cannot prove that. For all we know, it's as I suggested - the actions of the Ent-E and crew were always supposed to happen.
Actually it was proven in the movie and I already detailed it out. The Borg won! The succeeded in assimilating earth in 2063-2373. We the audience and the Ent-E crew saw the fruits of their victory. The Ent-E crew surviving and being shielded was dumb luck on their part. The fact that the timeline HAD to be altered by the Borg proved there was no assistance from the future the first time Cochrane did his flight. The ENT-E pursued the sphere into the temporal wake and by virtue of cosmic fluke were shielded from the Borg's rewriting of history.

That's the strongest case I have against any predestined assistance from the Ent-E crew to Cochrane. We the audience and the crew SAW history be rewritten in front of them. Meaning without any interference Cohrane would've succeeded in his flight.
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