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How Much Does JJ Abrams Know About Star Trek


IGN did an interview during the Sydney premiere, while most of the clip is rather irrelevent (quizzing Abrams on TOS facts, despite his obvious discomfort as it's tangential to his goal of promoting STID), the last question and several seconds covers the question of "Who invented the Warp drive?" The answer is baffling. Abrams states that Scotty invented it and Spock gave him the technology. In STXI it's clear that Warp drive (and first contact) occurred as seen in the Prime universe and that the technology Spock provides is from the trans-warp beaming.

My guess is that Abrams used the question just as a lead in to plug STID, but the interviewer stated that he answered correctly. Any idea what's going on here? Are they really trying to say that Scotty invented the warp drive hundreds of years after it happened in the prime universe?
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