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Re: 7X11 The Crimson Horror(Grading/Discussion)(SPOILERS

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Urgh, the kids at the end... If their goal was to completely diffuse any enthusiasm I had for a NEIL GAIMAN CYBERMAN EPISODE they certainly succeeded. Who likes kids in stuff? Not even kids like kids in stuff.
Yes, the inclusion of the Maitland kids has me a little worried. Now, if the Doctor is willing to take them, it would be cool if he'd swing by Akhaten again to pick up poor little Merry. After discovering that the whole purpose of her life was to be a human sacrifice, in the service of a false god who is now dead, you'd think the poor girl would be feeling really down and need some sort of a vacation. Plus we'd get to see more of Emilia Jones' excellent acting.

As for the episode itself, I rated it "Geronimo!" I found the portrayal of the villainness, Mrs. Gillyflower, as convincing---a brilliant, but disturbed mind, following a deranged version of Christianity, and becoming a cult leader.

I loved the sick and twisted touches...Mrs. Gillyflower blinding her own daughter as part of her experiments (even the cover story, with Ada's father blinding her in a drunken rage, was sick) Dumping the rejects in the canal, to be pawed over by the "Keith Morrison"-style coroner. Even the Doctor was so disgusted that he didn't care when Mrs. Gillyflower and Mr. Sweet both died.

For me, some of my favourite episodes of Doctor Who (both new and classic) have been those which are disturbing or twisted enough that parents start to wonder "should my kids really be watching this?" without becoming too explicit or gory. The Crimson Horror fits this bill, for me.
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