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STID: The first sign that Abrahms is NOT infallable [-> G&D]

Obviously there was a lot of Hype around our J.J after Star Trek XI came out, he looked to be breathing new life into the series which had gotten stale. Star Trek Into Darkness however, was a little bit of a dissapointment to me. Without getting into too many spoilers, I have a feeling that the way J.J sees the Star Trek universe is a little bit one note. The performance of Benedict Cumberbatch is the high point of the movie, and expect J.J to get a lot of credit for that but the thing is Benedict would do well with any script.

All this is not to say that the film is bad, far from it. But with the novelty factor gone, STID is just a solid 7/10 actioner with a very good performance by it's main villain. Outside of that it's nothing special, and it suffers the same problems it's predecessor did, in forgetting the roots of the franchise, although this time it's even worse as J.J did not have to worry about the core fanbase buying tickets.

I hope that J.J is not at the helm for the next movie in the series, as it will be nice to see somebody else have a go. J.J can produce consistantly decent product but I feel he is lacking that something extra which will be needed to KEEP this franchise relevant.
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