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Re: “In Conversation” or “Berman and Braga vs the world.”

I do enjoy spirited discussion in our little forum. That being said...

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And then fans whine that the show isn't innovative enough while blaming Berman instead of the studio. Totally ridiculous.
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I prefer the good old days in which people produced a book or movie and did not have to constantly interact with the fans and deal with such appalling behaviour.
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Fans want to be the center of the universe but they aren't.
horatio, I think it would help if you would dial back the unflattering collective branding of "fans" as appalling, demanding whiners or whatever. There are lot of fans here, including a few Enterprise fans, who do not fit your descriptions, and this kind of labeling isn't productive. Okay? Thanks.

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Expecting that these guys should apologize for not having created something which matches your preferences is fancentric nonsense.
In my case, it's more like expectations that are not met. Happiness equals reality divided by expectations. The Trek people told me to expect a lot from Enterprise, but I still mourn all the missed opportunities. I absolutely adore the show, though.

I don't think any professional artist sets out to do bad work, to put part of their souls out there to be ridiculed. I think they try to do their best with whatever restrictions they have been put under. (Ever seen The Goodbye Girl? That is a great example.) And I have always found it a lot easier to see the flaws in other people's work than see it (much less own up to it) in my own.

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Talking about debate classes, I wonder how they look like on Tellar Prime.
One of my favorite scenes on the show is the opening of "Babel One" with Hoshi teaching Archer how to insult like a Tellarite.

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Hey, I have one of these. Collector's item now, or just a really big coaster?
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