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Re: How Far Should TOS-R Have Gone?

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Why not make a new physical model of the Ent and shoot her under similar lights and film grain, rather than CGI? Just do it with what is currently the best tech.
That's what they should have done. Also for replacement shots in TNG-R.

The shots they did with the physical 1701 model for the DS9 Tribble episode are a million times better than the best CGI shot in TOS-R.
getting in on this very very late in the game, I completley missed the fact they used a model in the ds9 tribble episode. I am going to check that out right now!

I like the TOS-R, I also own a foreign rip off dvd of the old ones....I like seeing new graphics on netflix etc because it is easy to turn on the internet tv and hit play

...but I also find myself thinking about the original dvds
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