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Re: Voyager fanfics and creations

Chakotay fic alert!

Eye of the Beholder: The crew of the Enterprise and some of Voyager's former crew join forces to find a missing Seven of Nine. SPOILER WARNING--events from all seven VOY seasons are discussed in varying degrees of detail.

This is a TNG/VOY crossover continuing in our Reasons of the Heart universe where we introduce Chakotay as a love interest for Beverly Crusher. For this incarnation of Chakotay, we take the character as written through the end of the series and create our version of what his life was like after Voyager's return to the Alpha Quadrant. The only major item we ignore is Season Seven's reference to a sister. Since every scrap of canon prior to that has Chakotay's only living relative as a cousin in Ohio, that's what we go with; otherwise all Voyager canon through Endgame is assumed. In terms of TNG canon, the Reasons of the Heart universe assumes canon up through Insurrection and breaks off from there. So, we can all happily pretend that Nemesis never happened. This also contains our version of what happened to the major members of the Voyager crew post-Endgame (we've never actually read the pro-fic, but since it's not canon the only real difference is that we didn't get paid for our version of events).

This story follows the events in Incendiary and is essentially a sequel to Speaking in Tongues, but it's not necessary to have read either story as our stories are written (intended) to stand on their own. There's hopefully more depth and a sense of continuity if you've read previous stories in the Reasons of the Heart universe, but it should still be an enjoyable story regardless.

This is an edited version of the original. If you're over 18 and interested in the non-PG-13 version of the story (or in the stories that couldn't be edited down to PG-13 at all), it can be found at either of our websites. There are links from our author page to our websites (since they contain R and NC-17 material, we don't link directly to there from BBS).

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