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Re: How Far Should TOS-R Have Gone?

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Yeah, CITIZEN KANE has certainly lost its meaning down through the years because Ted Turner wasn't able to colorize it.

Art just IS. Interpretation of art is what changes over time. If you change the art to suit the interpretter, it isn't art anymore, it is masturbation. And I'm through listening to you lovelies jerk off over this.
Or you could act like a grown up and realize not everyone thinks the same way you do? Just a thought.

Here.. Here... see the fandamentalist at work..

Star Trek TOS is equated to
Citizen Kane
.. so in some opinions, a TV show designed to make MONEY first and foremost is equated as not just art, but HIGH art..
One can only think since Paramount's show competed with "Gomer Pyle USMC" and ended up battered in the the point of cancellation, the point could be made that "Gomer Pyle USMC" was better art than Star Trek! After all, "Gomer Pyle USMC" was a success and made a LOT of money and Star Trek a failure...

but heck it's not like some can accept dissent (or Heresy if one prefers), as at that point those folks fit the very definition of fandamentalists..

Remember, someone started the name calling, and let it degenerate from there..right down to references to the KKK and now masturbation ..

Such witty comebacks..
Don't think I noticed this reply till now ... KANE is an ideal example not because of its status as a film classic, but because of a detail in Welles' contract -- one I'm not aware of being in the contract for any other film -- that basically said you couldn't change the look of the film after the fact ... I'm pretty sure Turner had already colorized when the legal folks told him he couldn't release it.

So this represents the kind of protection art forms deserve, to keep folks from tampering with them after the fact, which makes it completely relevant to a discussion of TOS-R, whatever you happen to think of TOS (or KANE's) merits. And as far as namecalling goes, hey, so the fuck what? I'm not the one advocating for giving kids crayolas at the art museum, which is basically what TOS-R amounts to at times.

It's funny to me that STAR WARS was selected for film preservation and yet look what GL did to it after that ...
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